100 / paisley

The little leaf is paisley-shaped now, different from its brethren. Halfway through growing, a stem got in the way. It grew around it. It took its share of water from the roots, and grew around it. The plant itself doesn’t notice the difference anymore. Maybe, maybe in those moments of stalled blossom, the one little leaf felt like the weakest link, but not now. Now … Continue reading 100 / paisley

what’s something that feels sacred, but isn’t?

The long smooth slice down the body of the pomegranate, and how I always do five of these in even measure. How the pom breaks open in my palms and the jewels clank into the bowl. How the arils burst stain onto my fingers. The slow, steady work of this. The way a fruit like this, so built for holding, simply falls to our feet … Continue reading what’s something that feels sacred, but isn’t?

rara borboleta

I want the universe to know I can write about small things. And by small, I don’t mean brain-clot-small, I don’t mean prison-cell-small, I don’t mean urn-of-ashes-small, I mean, door-hinge-small. I could write about door hinges. I could find a story there. I see beauty there. One time, a contractor told me that most door hinges don’t usually break, they just stop being able to … Continue reading rara borboleta