It’s only scary if you stop here. Here, where it’s all shadow and monster, unnamed creature and trails of blood to where– to nowhere?– from where– from who? It’s only scary if you stop here, or if you go backwards. Backwards used to be safe, used to be normal, but now you will carry the goosebumps home. It’s too late for anything different. Your skin … Continue reading progress

G2: how to heal

Your body is not small. The total surface area of the human lung could be spread to the height of a brachiosaurus. If you want to heal,you must firstfind every bruised place. Your body is not obvious.It sheds forty thousand cellsevery minute,and who knows how many of thosewere the last to rememberthe bruising? Just in case,count their ancestorsin your censusof pain.Even a cell can inherit … Continue reading G2: how to heal

List: what’s made me smile

In no particular order, here are 33 things that have made me smile recently Danny Maika performing Dave’s and my song in his Facebook Lives, along with so many other of my favorites The murals commissioned by my city to brighten the boarded up buildings around me. Perfectly timed for my arrival back in Long Beach. All the pharmacy folk who made my medicine pick … Continue reading List: what’s made me smile

poem: love letter to my future self

todayI opened my heart& watered myself for You. such a beautifulblossom You are, so beautifulI forgive myself, I forgive myselfthese rainfallsinto an open wound. . . . Based on the prompt from Fight Evil with Poetry, “Write a Love Letter to Your Future Self” and Discover Prompt, “Open”. And, these every-day-posts are courtesy of the #AprilCheerPepper challenge. Continue reading poem: love letter to my future self

poem: walk on anyway

A Very Earnest Answer To The Man At the Library Who Read a Poem He Wrote Called, “Why Should I Save the World if I Won’t Get Laid for it?” Save the world,because sometimes,when they are bound to fall,pennies pirouettebefore choosing a side.A danced defiance in light of gravity:they spin anyway. Save the world, because dandelionsdon’t have God-plans.They just turntheir lights off,and scatter in pieces,spending … Continue reading poem: walk on anyway


Say hello to the sun today. Peek outside your window and remind him that he’s still your favorite show. That he still shines through to the inside, warms the carpet, charges the cat. Be clutterful in your presence. There’s no need for the slow, reverent walk, like a silent scuttle around a death bed. The Earth is still here, even though she is grieving so … Continue reading hello

five acts tendered

2015 A correctional officer is microwaving popcorn, using the appliance a couple desks away. The room smells like buttered joy, pops like a treat. The sergeant barks an order, “Good grief, stop that. This woman just lost her husband. Have a little respect.” The microwave is immediately stopped and I hear the bag deflate in the silence of the room– sad leftover pops now chiming … Continue reading five acts tendered

today i can

Today, I can make myself a cup of tea from scratch. So I do. I chop the ginger on my scratched wooden cutting board, and push it to the side. My hands are always washed when I’m in the kitchen, and I washed the ginger too, but just in case, I wash everything again. Mamasaur was a nurse for awhile and every kitchen is always … Continue reading today i can