25. collect

This time of year, the weather gets colder and colder. The morning comes in like peppermint breath, and it takes me a little longer to unfold from the blankets and start the day. When the days are longer, when morning mints sunlight instead, I don’t make a habit of starting the day with my phone. But this time of year, there’s something so lovely about … Continue reading 25. collect

9. what i saw on the floor

CDs scattered on the street like insistent and flattened stars. A bright sun painted on the pavement, shining in the wet darklight. A footprint in the rain. A thousand impermanent footprints. Under my onion’s potted home is powdered soil, a leftover on my living room floor from when I pulled it away from the rainstorm. My kitchen mat is powdered with cornstarch, a memory from … Continue reading 9. what i saw on the floor

jan 6

Sometime in the dark of early morning, I shook a fluffy blanket out and made tiny lightning. I spread my arms wide and parachuted a miniature sky of spark and star. I forget that static electricity looks the way it looks. Most days, it’s an invisible thing, a small jaw snapping at my ankles across a carpeted ocean. But in the right light– or, without … Continue reading jan 6