How to explainI did not walk out of prisontucked in thankfulness,blessing the cageless sky.How to explainthe moon has never been the samesince you took her from me.How my losses didn’tjustfill up with gratitudelike a wave chasing a wave.I went searching for it.Picked shells from the sand where I found them.Named them all Peace.If the name didn’t take,I set them back. How to explain my fingersare … Continue reading how

journal: how i am

A little after week in California’s Safer At Home restrictions, a girlfriend and myself text each other at nearly the exact same time. She tells me that, in her family’s language, they say “the heart is on the heart” but that it doesn’t quite exactly translate to English. I tell her that my family says “you’re going to live a hundred years”, which is spoken … Continue reading journal: how i am

stroke: nimbus, stratus, cirrus, cumulus

The world may be falling apart, but my press-on nails hold firmly. I cut the avocado in half, and turn away from the screens. I lightly season the fruit and scoop into it with a spoon. My nails are pink floral, and the scene before me is more springtime than springtime was. This year, springtime was blue and white– hospital rooms and lobbies, and stale … Continue reading stroke: nimbus, stratus, cirrus, cumulus