long odd life

“nobody loses all the time.” e.e. cummings This time of year, the good odds are onsky-pollens joyriding skin,and foghorns picking up the nightshift,and the icecream man travelinginfinity timeloops through thesesun-charmed Long Beach streets. The good odds are on a funeral:another deep breath of my heartlost to time. Sometimes the horse with a bad hip wins,and sometimesthe horse that knows the track by heartdoesn’t have to … Continue reading long odd life

journal 1.28 – blog’stalgia

My last post was executed about half as well as I’d have liked, but it brought me joy– reminded me of the type of thing I would have done when I first started blogging. Not-so-secret links, not-so-secret doors, everywhere. One of the prompts I wrote earlier this month inspired Matticus to give it a shot too : https://thematticuskingdom.wordpress.com/2022/01/26/a-poem-is-not-a-bed and that also reminded me of the … Continue reading journal 1.28 – blog’stalgia

journal 1.23

Sometimes there are so many floaties in my eyes, I feel like a kaleidoscope. I tip my head from left to right to shift the pattern. I am a little obsessed with this.It’s rarely so easy to break a pattern and start a new one. The other night, I closed my eyes. It was as if a dark theater curtain had dropped and a spotlight … Continue reading journal 1.23