basic blues and golden deliciousness

When I research my symptoms, the internet tells me I am super stressed. When I trade my necklace for a tarot reading, the stranger tells me that I am incredibly stressed. In my dream, I am meeting a group of people. It’s a little windy and I am pulling on my blazer as I walk. I’m not late, but I’m not as early as I’d … Continue reading basic blues and golden deliciousness


In November of 2010, I was living in a quiet town in Orange County with my husband, Dave, and our two cats.  We owned a shop, where we showed off the work of local artists.  In December of 2010, I was accused of a crime at my job and, in the process of dealing with all of that, lost our shop and our home and … Continue reading

hummus is the only perk

Or, “An Overly-Accurate Dating Profile” I make my own hummus. I have about five go-to variations. It’s not that I love hummus. In truth, I’d prefer salsa and chips, or veggies and ranch, or crisp celery dolloped with peanut butter. I just like making hummus. It’s a hobby. I also write a blog. It’s like a Captain’s Log from a really bad space saga, where … Continue reading hummus is the only perk

i’m on the brute squad.

One of my favorite stories, in both book and video form, is The Princess Bride.  In the classic tale of high adventure, for those who haven’t read or seen it, Buttercup gets the shattering news that her one true love, Westley, has died. She mourns, but eventually puts on her practical face and sits down to breakfast and the shadows of a normal life again.  … Continue reading i’m on the brute squad.