lose & Find

I’ll leave all the hip crunching,and the drums in my head,and the days that I couldn’t–or wouldn’t– leave bed.I’ll leave worry that loved ones,when out of sight, die,and half the self-doubtingthat snuck in on the sly. I’ll find jumping, and dumplings,more rhymes and more excess,and cute braids in my hair,and more days in my dresses.I’ll find steering for small steps,and grace for big leaps.And love, … Continue reading lose & Find


I measureour distancein habitsI break. They ask: “when?” I saylong enoughI’ve stoppedhunting zodiacfor fish. When they askhow long,I say:so longI zipmyself up. I measure our distancein memoriesof muscle. They ask: “when?” I sayso recentlyour handsstill tryto touch. When they askhow long,I say:I spinthe ringI buried. I measureour distancein boneand body.They ask “when?” I saytoo long.His bodyis ashwithout me. When they askhow long,I say: A heartbeat.A heartbreak. … Continue reading measures

painfully small dream

Outside, I open a letter just arrived.This friend has not written in some whilebut I have not moved homes in so long,it reaches me just the same. I have not moved in so long,my legs are napping. I stretch out in the sunshine.Untouched by grass.Rested on sun-soaked concrete,draped in soft blanket. From here, I can see inside.Inside,where my love is making something beautiful. Today is … Continue reading painfully small dream

just come home

They say liberty is sweet soI licked her before I left her for shackles,hoping her honey would crystallize on my tongueand my lipswould only ever speak with the memory of her. Inside the jailhouse they spray you clean ofall that freedom sugar, cold water raining downto drown the liceand hopesyou might have dragged through the door. Long ago they’d have shaved our heads,and my vanity … Continue reading just come home

G2: how to heal

Your body is not small. The total surface area of the human lung could be spread to the height of a brachiosaurus. If you want to heal,you must firstfind every bruised place. Your body is not obvious.It sheds forty thousand cellsevery minute,and who knows how many of thosewere the last to rememberthe bruising? Just in case,count their ancestorsin your censusof pain.Even a cell can inherit … Continue reading G2: how to heal