7. sick day

A longjohn day.A long yawn day.A jaw-pop, face-crunchyawn day. A long day. A full-body-ice-packsore bone day. A sorbet day.A stay-in-bedand lean-off-the-edge-to-scoop-the-cold-day. A cold-turkeyback-away-from-the-ledgeday. A back-against-the-wall day,a hide-from-the-grind day, a body and mind day. Your throat is a littlehoarse.Your awake,a little tired.You don’t have a feveryet,but your body holdsthe heat over you like theSword of Damocles. You wait for the fall.This happens in the autumn. It’s … Continue reading 7. sick day

for the littles who were

For little Ji-Ho who loved hula hoops and dinosaurs Jenna Jenna Joolyjoopsloved to the play with hula hoops.Then one day she hooped so fastshe made a portal to the past!And though time travel was a shockereven THAT did not stop her,and on she hooped, and farther back,and farther back,until one day she was snackfor a dinosaur.Oops. For little Efraim who loved Climbing Trees This tree … Continue reading for the littles who were

but soft

Nothing should autocorrect to suicide,and the soft tissues of my bodycould stand to be harder,and the rules of physics should applyto even the hard things of lifethat stack beyond the math of it.I like to ask everyone who livesin the future to tell me the truth.Does the soft of this body make it there?Does love? Yes, yes, yes, they say. Love is waiting.The soft survives. Continue reading but soft

not a day for the beauty of my unloves

My 4th grade teacher’s husband is color-blind,and together they tell us how, in the forest,he shows herall the hidden animals she loves,and only those. I knew even then I wanted that. I knew even then I wanted toforever-love a soul unconfused by the camouflages of life.A soul who sees every beautiful thingI’ve walked right past,and sometimes, but only sometimes, points it out. Prompt: What grown … Continue reading not a day for the beauty of my unloves