kidsyish poems

Like Peas in a Pod Ma and I are very different,(That’s what lots of strangers think.)Cuz I was born in shades of brown,and she was born in pink. Ma and I are very differentsays people who should know.Cuz my skin gets real dark in summer,and hers is always snow. But Ma and I know we’re alike,if you can look past hue:cuz she likes her peas … Continue reading kidsyish poems


How to explainI did not walk out of prisontucked in thankfulness,blessing the cageless sky.How to explainthe moon has never been the samesince you took her from me.How my losses didn’tjustfill up with gratitudelike a wave chasing a wave.I went searching for it.Picked shells from the sand where I found them.Named them all Peace.If the name didn’t take,I set them back. How to explain my fingersare … Continue reading how

poem: love letter to my future self

todayI opened my heart& watered myself for You. such a beautifulblossom You are, so beautifulI forgive myself, I forgive myselfthese rainfallsinto an open wound. . . . Based on the prompt from Fight Evil with Poetry, “Write a Love Letter to Your Future Self” and Discover Prompt, “Open”. And, these every-day-posts are courtesy of the #AprilCheerPepper challenge. Continue reading poem: love letter to my future self

poem: walk on anyway

A Very Earnest Answer To The Man At the Library Who Read a Poem He Wrote Called, “Why Should I Save the World if I Won’t Get Laid for it?” Save the world,because sometimes,when they are bound to fall,pennies pirouettebefore choosing a side.A danced defiance in light of gravity:they spin anyway. Save the world, because dandelionsdon’t have God-plans.They just turntheir lights off,and scatter in pieces,spending … Continue reading poem: walk on anyway