four fictional fruit

Prompt: Fiction. Ghost Tomato. A Comedian On his last breath,on his last day alone,a tomato appearson his nightstand. He tittersoff the stage. How many people does it take to build a tomato? The hungry man dreams himself fed,imagines a radiant orange-redtomato on the street.It is sheer in direct sight,vanishes in the sunlight.Still a treat. And this is the core of every nostalgia I find him … Continue reading four fictional fruit

Rara Avis

I made up this namebecause I needed more room. I live on the coastand rent is too highto spread my wingsand the ocean airis too full of lost thingsfor a lost thing like meto explore alone.I like the seagullthat comes to my window tosing down the alleyand bounce as her voiceechoes up into the sky. It is a hideous songby most measures,but I tap my … Continue reading Rara Avis


The Sun is singing in a staircase, somewhere. In the alley outside my apartment, rain is playing Moonlight Sonata inside an abandoned glass vase; every splash, a note that echoes. My mind is building fireslime to seep myself in, despite best efforts. I slice the tomatoes for simmer anyway, and the rice pours into the pot with a soft and soothing shhh. Shhh, shh, it … Continue reading 14