lose & Find

I’ll leave all the hip crunching,and the drums in my head,and the days that I couldn’t–or wouldn’t– leave bed.I’ll leave worry that loved ones,when out of sight, die,and half the self-doubtingthat snuck in on the sly. I’ll find jumping, and dumplings,more rhymes and more excess,and cute braids in my hair,and more days in my dresses.I’ll find steering for small steps,and grace for big leaps.And love, … Continue reading lose & Find

some people’s mornings

Sometimes I wonder if anyone who really loves the quiet of morning has ever stayed awake through the night. Or if we just have different quiets, different mornings, different nights. Sometimes I wonder if everyone is really living in an alternative universe and we just occasionally bump into each other. We’d be kinder to each other if that were the case, I think. We’d say … Continue reading some people’s mornings