poem: love letter to my future self

todayI opened my heart& watered myself for You. such a beautifulblossom You are, so beautifulI forgive myself, I forgive myselfthese rainfallsinto an open wound. . . . Based on the prompt from Fight Evil with Poetry, “Write a Love Letter to Your Future Self” and Discover Prompt, “Open”. And, these every-day-posts are courtesy of the #AprilCheerPepper challenge. Continue reading poem: love letter to my future self

five acts tendered

2015 A correctional officer is microwaving popcorn, using the appliance a couple desks away. The room smells like buttered joy, pops like a treat. The sergeant barks an order, “Good grief, stop that. This woman just lost her husband. Have a little respect.” The microwave is immediately stopped and I hear the bag deflate in the silence of the room– sad leftover pops now chiming … Continue reading five acts tendered


It’s the final prompt of the Daily Post, and I wouldn’t be anywhere else.  I met so many of you because of their community efforts and nurturing.  It’s very much the end of an era for me, and I know Dave would want to participate too– so here’s two pictures, one of mine and one of his, chosen entirely based on our love for the … Continue reading all-time