5 October Joys

1 Self-care. My new Etsy shop where people can buy some of my late husband’s art on a t-shirt, or even one of my little expressions. It feels good to know that Dave’s art is out there again, and that my words have been made tangible. And, who knows– maybe it’ll even help me chip slightly away on the enormous medical debt I’ve accumulated this … Continue reading 5 October Joys

poem: love letter to my future self

todayI opened my heart& watered myself for You. such a beautifulblossom You are, so beautifulI forgive myself, I forgive myselfthese rainfallsinto an open wound. . . . Based on the prompt from Fight Evil with Poetry, “Write a Love Letter to Your Future Self” and Discover Prompt, “Open”. And, these every-day-posts are courtesy of the #AprilCheerPepper challenge. Continue reading poem: love letter to my future self