We only think frogs say ribbit because it is the dialect of a Hollywood frog. They made it to the movies, to the big screen, to the big time, and now their croak is immortalized. I don’t know why I’m thinking about frogs. It’s something about how my face feels right now. Clenched, wrinkled, and toady. Oh. I’m thinking about toads. It’s been long and … Continue reading frog

7. sick day

A longjohn day.A long yawn day.A jaw-pop, face-crunchyawn day. A long day. A full-body-ice-packsore bone day. A sorbet day.A stay-in-bedand lean-off-the-edge-to-scoop-the-cold-day. A cold-turkeyback-away-from-the-ledgeday. A back-against-the-wall day,a hide-from-the-grind day, a body and mind day. Your throat is a littlehoarse.Your awake,a little tired.You don’t have a feveryet,but your body holdsthe heat over you like theSword of Damocles. You wait for the fall.This happens in the autumn. It’s … Continue reading 7. sick day