jan 6

Sometime in the dark of early morning, I shook a fluffy blanket out and made tiny lightning. I spread my arms wide and parachuted a miniature sky of spark and star. I forget that static electricity looks the way it looks. Most days, it’s an invisible thing, a small jaw snapping at my ankles across a carpeted ocean. But in the right light– or, without … Continue reading jan 6

some people’s mornings

Sometimes I wonder if anyone who really loves the quiet of morning has ever stayed awake through the night. Or if we just have different quiets, different mornings, different nights. Sometimes I wonder if everyone is really living in an alternative universe and we just occasionally bump into each other. We’d be kinder to each other if that were the case, I think. We’d say … Continue reading some people’s mornings


I’ve been a bad communicator lately. I only initiated a real conversation maybe once or twice in a month where I wrote almost 3 hours worth of reading. For NanoPoblano, I left over 1500 comments on participating blogs, and read every post that went along with them. Part of me wants to blame that for my withdrawal from the spoken world, but that wouldn’t really … Continue reading fragments