AMA / writing

I received a handful of questions on my poll. A couple were specifically about me and a few were asking for my take on a thing, so I thought I’d address a couple of those today. I have temporarily titled this series AMA (Ask me anything) but that’ll switch super fast if I come up with anything adorable. Ideas welcome. More questions welcome. I’ll include … Continue reading AMA / writing

rara borboleta

I want the universe to know I can write about small things. And by small, I don’t mean brain-clot-small, I don’t mean prison-cell-small, I don’t mean urn-of-ashes-small, I mean, door-hinge-small. I could write about door hinges. I could find a story there. I see beauty there. One time, a contractor told me that most door hinges don’t usually break, they just stop being able to … Continue reading rara borboleta