It all started when Eli Pacheco (the one and only CoachDaddy) made a Facebook comment saying there should be a holiday to celebrate tea, cookies, and blogging.

I said we should make one to celebrate all three.
So we did.

We decided September 26th would be a great day for it because it is already #NationalLoveNote day– and why just write a love note to a person when you can write one to three of your favorite things?

Then, just in case someone might have a variation, we expanded it to any three things… which gave us the name.


(Three, in Latin.)

So September 26th is now Tribus Day– and there’ll be a linkup party.  (Invisible, arbitrary) bonus points if blogging is one of your three.

Come out and play with us.

I made this in 5 seconds at ReciteThis.com, and it's a perfectly easy way to play. No excuses, y'all. I've missed you.
I made this in 5 seconds at ReciteThis.com, and it’s a perfectly easy way to play. No excuses, y’all. I’ve missed you.

Write your post, or at least visit the ones who do and let them know you’re thinking about them on this very special day.

#HappyTribus, friends.

May you love infinitely.




We’re also collecting addresses for a Secret-Tribus-Mail-Circle, where you’ll get an address to send a random letter of goodies to– and where your address will be given for a random letter of goodies.

If you want to participate in the real-life-mail shenanigans, email me: rawra.avis@gmail.com with your address.  You know I’ll protect it with all thousand of my dinosaur teeth.

29 thoughts on “#HappyTribus

  1. I woke up this morning lousy with Tribus spirit. Probably this will become the most revered holiday on earth. It’s already surpassed Columbus Day and Crush a Can Day (Sept. 27, if you’re keeping track.)

    I researched it – you have to go through congress to get an official day declared. Who has time for that? I tried to swipe Barack’s executive orders pen, but I suspect John McCain beat me to it.

    Screw it. We’ll declare it ourselves! Thanks for all the legwork, Rara. You rock.

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    1. I can’t imagine a holiday being more beloved than Tribus. 😀 We can definitely declare it ourselves… and even submit it to Urban Dictionary. They accepted my Label Day, so why not Tribus? 😀

      And, nope, YOU rock. ❤

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