NanoPoblano 2015

The Mission
Post a spicy little somethin’ every single day through the month of November.

The Official Peppers of 2015 (There’s no rhyme or reason to the organization below, but the green heart-peppers indicate how many years of NanoPoblano participation.)

Mark Bialczak ❧ ❧
NotAPunkRocker ❧ ❧ ❧
Fish of Gold ❧ ❧ ❧
Steph Mignon
Sidereal Catalyst
The Seeker’s Dungeon
CombativeBabe ❧ ❧
Backstage Guiding ❧ ❧
Crawford’s Creative Corner ❧ ❧
Glorious Results of a Misspent Youth
Spoken Like a True Nut
My Electronic Jukebox
Musings of an Eccentric Mind
Knocked Over By A Feather ❧ ❧
Project Echoshadow ❧ ❧
Breaking Moulds
Lady Ozma’s Journey
Judah First
Bill Friday
Mental Defecation
That Cynking Feeling
PartTime Monster
Drunk On Life ❧ ❧
Quixie’s Mind Palace
Excerpts from NonExistent Books
The Broken Spine
Wasted Days and Wasted Nights
Eccentric Lady
A Sign of Life ❧ ❧
The Unanonymous Girl
A Patient Voice
20/20 Hines Sight
To Breathe Is to Write
Suddenly They All Died
Superstar Nat
Nerd in the Brain
A Heart on the Matter
A Disquieted Mind
SVM & TB Stories
Not Just Sassy on the Inside
Progmom’s Weblog ❧ ❧
Dollops of Heedful Ramblings
The Window of the Soul
Zombie Flamingoes
Solveig Werner
The Year(s) of Living Non-Judgmentally
Linda G. Hill ❧ ❧
Teleporting Weena
Creo Somnium
Art 4 All
Container Chronicles
One Starving Activist
Our Miso Life
Present Perfect Blog
Live By Surprise
Living With Authenticity ❧ ❧ ❧
Ever Growing Farm
Never Trust A Jellyfish
The Tawny’s Blog
Strong Enough to Break
Stray Dog Strut
Glorious Mettle
Will Wally Wonder
Rarasaur ❧ ❧

Peppery Resources:

How To Pepper (Badges, Link, and Tag Information)
The Pepper Pitch (Why To Do This To Yourself)

10 Links that will get Rarasaur through NaBloPoMo

Inspiration: DailyPost’s Loving Shove
Make Words Pretty:
Rarasaur’s Newsletter of Daily-November Inspiration:
Put your face on pictures:
Headline Generator:
Emergency Compliment:
Stress-Relief, Virtual Stapler:
Stress-Relief, Bubble Wrap:
Word Help:
Image Editing:

If you’re a Pepper, comment below and let us know who you are, and what you write about.  If you’re here as a Cheer Pepper, then send some positive words our way.   If you want to be added to the roll, or if you have resource-link suggestions, email me at



  1. Hey Cheer Peppers! I’m Abbie, I write poetry, creative nonfiction and some flash fiction over at Sidereal Catalyst 🙂 Come by and say hi!

    p.s. I’m really nervous about NanoPoblano [eeeek!] so thanks in advance for your support!

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  2. Hi to all you Peppers and Peepers (but not any poopers)! I’m Corina and I blog at Wasted Days and Wasted Nights. I post whatever is on my mind. These days it might be about something my grandkids (ages 2 and 5) did or it might be about NaNoWriMo as I’m doing that, too. This is my 9th year doing NaNoWriMo. I’ve done NaBloPoMo lots of times, including three times while also doing NaNoWriMo! Come watch me go crazy finding something to post!

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  3. How do Cheer Peppers?! My is Erica and I’m being overly ambitious this NaBloPoMo. I’m doing all of my blogs. Four to be exact and they are vastly different:

    20/20 Hines Sight– I write whatever is on my mind and
    The Broken Spine is my book blog. My reviews and thoughts on the books I’ve read. For November it’s all about the the short novel
    The Ink Slinger is my short story / flash fiction blog and it was the first blog I started
    Decision. Christ. is my latest endeavor and it’s about my Christian journey and struggles with being a Christian

    So, that’s me and I hope you’ll stop by from time to time. I know I’m looking forward to reading your blogs and developing some more bloggy relationships.

    Cheers Peppers! 🙂

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  4. Hey, everyone. I’m the writer over at Hope to see everyone that participates at least a few times this coming month. I will be doing NanoPoblano along with writing my third book in the DeeDee Watson, PI, series. I have a plan…I hope it works. ha! It might not but I’m going to give it the old woman try….cus I’m an old woman. 😉

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  5. Hey Cheer Peppers I’m Dani from A Heart on the Matter. I write poetry, some citizen journalism, and sometimes I rant about the injustices of the world. Basically whatever my heart feels the need to express. I am grateful for the challenge and the support for nanopoblano. Last year I made some new friends. I look forward to meeting new bloggers this year as well. Feel free to stop by and express what your heart says. We can share some laughs and interesting conversation. xo and Good luck to everyone who has taken on the Pepper challenge. 🙂

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  6. Hey Cheer Peppers! Matticus, the Jester of The Matticus Kingdom (fancy, I know), here. I challenged people to send me prompts – to try and stump me as a writer – and so far have 14 posts pre-scheduled. If I don’t get enough to complete the month I’ll probably just do a bunch of poetry, or randomness, or silliness, or maybe just upload some pictures of the kingdom cats: Belle and Sara. For now, it’s a mystery how it will all turn out. (But, if you are reading this and want to send me a challenge please do!)

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  7. Hi my spicy new pepper friends! I write about motherhood, surviving tough $#%!, and everything in between. Because I’m already knee deep in novel editing, I figured joining you cheer peppers was a better way to go!! Can’t wait to make new friends and get blogging. Xoxoxox

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  8. Hi cheering peppers! I would like to encourage all of you to do a crash course in Dutch, and/or keep a translating program nearby when you visit Eccentric Lady. I love to participate in Nanopoblano again, but stopped writing on my English blog, so here it is: a brand new language to learn, just while you’re reading blogs, isn’t it nice?

    I write about many interesting things, like books, my personal life, planning and many other things I come across in my life. I cannot wait to start!

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  9. Cheers, Cheerful Cheer Peppers!

    My name is just NAPR (pronounce as you wish…I have other names elsewhere online so those are fine too if you find them along the way) and I am a random, rambling blogger. I write about everything from depression, nail polish, single parenthood, LEGO toys, eating disorders, bad music, and whatever else I think of in the moment. Usually with very little editing, ha ha.

    I promise it is more interesting that it sounds. Or, at least, it gives you a “junk food” post to read most days, something a little more serious on others.

    Go team, go! 😀

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  10. Hello Hello, spicy Cheer Peppers! I’m a bonafide Cindy Lou and at 57, I still don’t believe I’m any more mature than I was at 7. Well, older. My body says, “You are not a youngin’! Grab the heating pad!”

    I blog about all things women and young women. I teach high school English and my heart hurts when I see my female students buying into society’s beauty ideals. No matter how loud we scream at the media about creating beauty stereotypes, they continue to dish them out. And young girls buy in.

    I tie all my writings back into my faith. We are God’s workmanship. His mucho-loved creation. I love grace.

    It’s almost time. Let the blogs begin!

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  11. Hey there Cheer Peppers! I’m Saima! I write flash fiction and whatever else that comes to mind! Just a Dollop of Heedful Ramblings! 🙂 My first ever such challenge! I just hope I can keep up! *excited!*

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  12. Hey Cheer Peppers and Peepers, I’m Charles and a 50+ year old gentleman that blogs about thinking, feeling and living. Considering I’m “older than dirt” according to the kids, I pull from my experiences and write prose pieces about living that make you think or feel (at least that’s the goal).

    This is my first year participating in Nanopoblano and hope to have a good deal of fun doing it!

    Let’s kick this pig!

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  13. Hey Peppers, prospective Peppers and those still waiting to pep up their lives! You can chop the Mark off my blog name and go informal. Last year other kind and inventive peppers turned my Gravatar, The Head, and turned him into Captain Poblano as I served as a sort of ringmaster in Rara’s absence. This year I’ll still hang around to root, root, root for the Hot Team with appropriate comments, blog-hopping and support in any way I can. Come on over to my place to see my tales of life with my dear wife Karen and Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle, and plenty of photos taken with my iPhone 6, too. Have a good day.

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  14. Hola Cheer Peppers and amigos who are part of Nano Poblano. I’m GlowWorm. I blog at
    I write about my family, my thoughts, food, and share stuff that helps me as a mom of 9. For October I’m going to be writing all about houses. Come by and say hi! And share your thoughts with me. I love conversations.

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  15. HELLO!!! I’m Natalie from I am super excited to be a part of NanoPoblano2015!!! I am a faith based blogger. I have been focusing on the Women of the Bible since January of this year.
    Is it cheating to start prepping posts for Nov from now?!? Already have my list of ideas rolling. Looking forward to reading other blogs and connecting with other bloggers through this challenge. Talk to you all soon!!!
    Keep Shining! Nat

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  16. Hello to all of the awesome Peppers! 😀 I’m Nerd in the Brain, and I blog about all sorts of nonsense and shenanigans…everything from science experiments to gratitude to cemeteries to making really cute (and thematic!) cupcakes. You just never know what I’ll be up to. 😉 I’m looking forward to visiting with you!

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  17. Hey, hi, hello!

    I’m Diana, and I blog at Part-Time Monster about books, girls, and monsters–I’m just finishing up a full month of Halloween and October-themed posts. I run a weekly coffee share link-up and have a weekly Monster Monday feature that is dedicated to female monsters. I’ve got a long list of posts that I keep intending to write and not writing, so I’m looking forward to using NaBloPoMo to get some of that writing accomplished. Yay, Peppers!

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  18. Hey to all the Peppers! I’m E., this will be my second (or maybe third? I don’t remember) year of NanoPoblano, and I write about whatever I feel like, from depression to fiction stories to foxes to hobbit holes. If you have any challenges/prompts/discussions you’d like me to write, just let me know — I only have a couple posts scheduled in advance and I could use some help!
    Good luck, keep at it, and I’ll see you guys around!

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  19. I’m one of only two Peppers who have done NanoPoblano for three years? •waves at NotAPunk Rocker•

    Hi, I’m Goldfish from Fish of Gold. I have no time this year for posting, let alone visiting other Peppers, but I’m doing it anyway, because I’m crazy like that, and after three years, it’s almost a tradition. Good luck, everyone!

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  20. I’m cheering you all on. I’m just coming back after a couple of months hiatus of writing, so I can’t promise i’d be able to write, but I’ll be trying to read and cheer you all on. I’m Helena. I mean Jessica. I mean Ken. And I write pseudo-autobiographical ironic, post-modern memoirs, strange, dark fiction, humour, poetry, meta-fiction…. you know, I’ve written children’s stories and erotica (but not children’s erotica because WRONG). I’m pretty much open to trying to write anything. I love Halloween.

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  21. I’m in again. As last year, I’m going to hop among my three blogs with the posts. My main blog is Not Just Sassy on the Inside but some days I’ll post on Scribblings from the Bluegrass or Wizard101 Basics for Beginners. And this time I’m acknowledging ahead of time I may disappear during the week before Thanksgiving…

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  22. Hello fellow Pepper People!

    I’m Jessie! I post from Behind the Willows.
    Population: 2 adults, 3 girls, 2 dogs, 2 cats, 1 dove, 1 salamander, 8 ducks, 28 chickens and a whole pile of books!

    And despite the two peppers behind my name this is my first peppery experience. ( Though I do appreciate the show of faith! 😉 )

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  23. So excited to join the team for the first time this year. I blog about my son, husband and dog. I’ve been known to write some poetry. Looking forward to the next 30 days with this awesome bunch.

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  24. Hey everyone, against my better judgment and that of my kitten who thinks my sole purpose in life is to give him my undivided attention 24/7, I will be joining you for a month of craziness via my blog Breaking Moulds. I post about breaking moulds in gender and video games, culture and faith, sometimes using words and sometimes using poorly drawn comics. Good luck everyone and see you around!

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  25. Hello everyone,
    For some crazy reason I just joined, oh I remember I tend to post less than I want so a cheering squad is great.
    My blog is about everything and anything packed with short stories and childhood memories and travel adventures. Now it is meant to be multilingual, but I mostly post in English, but don’t freak out when what you read is in German or French. Oh and I don’t know how I am going to manage seen that I have NaNoWriMo as well…
    Good luck to all my pepper friends.

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  26. Hi all! I loved being a part of Nano last year, so this year I’m jumping in with both my blogs. I write about teaching HS at studentcenteredflip and I post poetry at kentonmusings. I will do my level best to post on both blogs, although this kind of terrifies me. Since I’m making my creative writing students post for NaBloPoMo, I’ve got to do it, too!

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  27. Hi! I’ve posted every day since January 1, 2013 and commit to doing the same throughout November 2015. My posts are a mix of psychotherapy (my profession), word-play, photos, music, and my personal life.

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  28. Hi Peppers! I hail from Spoken Like A True Nut, where I pour out all my excess eccentricity to give my brain some breathing room.

    It seems the A to Z Challenge in April apparently didn’t meet my exhaustion quota for the year, so I’m back for more. Let’s do this!

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  29. Hi. My name is Linda and I’m being forced to sign up for this by Sirius Bizinus. Hehe. I’ll write about… er… I’m not sure. But it’s bound to be amusing. I normally write about life, parenting, and blogging and I also write fiction.
    This is my second year participating in NaNoPoBlaNo. 🙂

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  30. Hi all :).
    You can find me over at SVM & TB Stories. I write mostly fanfiction for the Southern Vampire Mysteries and True Blood but have recently started expanding.
    This is my first time with NaNo Poblano and am really looking forward to it,

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