The Mission

Post every single day through the month of November.

That’s all, folks.  Everything else is just suggested so you can maximize the benefits of the month.  Do what you can, when you can.


Suggested NittyGritties

Add yourself to BlogHer’s Official Blog Roll (closes 11-5):

As the month goes on, be sure to add your blog posts individually to BlogHer NaBloPoMo post list.

Make Sure You’re Added to Ours (closes 11-2)

Be sure to visit the others on the blogroll.

WordPress Reader Tags

Tag each of your posts with these words.  Capitalization doesn’t matter, but spacing does:

  • NanoPoblano
  • NaBloPoMo

For my own organization, I’ll also be using:

  • NanoPoblano2015


Add #TeamTinyPeppers or #NanoPoblano to your Twitter posts so I can find and re-tweet.  Maybe others will find and retweet, too!


Drop a badge on your blog, or on your individual posts, so golden readers know what you’re up to, and so silver readers know they’re in the right place.

nano poblano, nablopomo, little pepper, blog every day november nano poblano, nablopomo, little pepper, blog every day november

This year, our badges come in two stylish choices.  Pick one, and download it to your computer.  (Right-mouse-click, and save image as.)  Then, pretend that you’re going to start a post and add media to it.  (Click the “Add Media” button, right under the post title).  Upload your file from wherever it is you saved it.  Now it’s ready and accessible to be dropped into any post through the month… I like to prep mine even further by making sure it is search engine friendly and linked up.  That way, all I have to do through November is drop it in:


  1.  This is the image URL.  Copy it down, you’ll need it to put the badge on your sidebar.
  2.  This is for search engines and yourself.
  3. This is where it’ll link. I suggest linking to the TeamPepper Blog roll:

Now that you’re all set up there, let’s put the badge on your sidebar.  Go to wherever you go to mess with your widgets.  For a lot of y’all, I think that’s through “CUSTOMIZE”, which you can find by going to your site and clicking MY SITES on your top toolbar.  Click Widgets.  It’ll show you a list of your widget-capable areas.  Pick your main one, and then click “add a widget”, and then add an IMAGE block.


Then fill in the blanks.  Use the URL from your media file.


And you’re all set.




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