pr\ early winter

It’s not that I don’t want to talk to you. It’s an issue of scarcity. I have run into a shortage of words. When the phone rings now, there’s nothing

mamasaur’s table

Listen to the silent ask. Let it pull me to my feet and stretch me into helping hands. Remember this is Mama, holding a stack of plates in one palm


1 In the sink of the prison cell, where we get our drinking water and brush our teeth, we wash our clothes, running the soap bar over the heavy fabric,

i messed up my theme

I accidentally changed the theme, and the prior theme no longer exists, and so now I have re-do everything, probably even re-do my entire self, and I’m not panicking, you’re

poem: where i’m from

I put together this “Where I’m From” poem, based on a poem of the same name by George Ella Lyon. There’s a bunch of versions of this template, but I

stroke: toilet loaves

It’s been about a year since I had a series of mini-strokes that played havoc on my brain. I’m doing much better now– so much so that I’ve thought about

cycles and check ins

This will hopefully not be my only post of the day, but I’ve been thinking of posts from the past that have seeming relevance today. Like this one written in

List: what’s made me smile

In no particular order, here are 33 things that have made me smile recently Danny Maika performing Dave’s and my song in his Facebook Lives, along with so many other


My microwaved Thai food tastes like someone once heard a rumor about red curry, based on a memory within a dream. It’s Thai food, certainly, but several times diluted from


A lizard crawls along the hot pavement and drinks the sky in quick flickering laps. Greedy is okay today. No humans are outside, and the sky is big enough to