It’s the final prompt of the Daily Post, and I wouldn’t be anywhere else.  I met so many of you because of their community efforts and nurturing.  It’s very much the end of an era for me, and I know Dave would want to participate too– so here’s two pictures, one of mine and one […]


Skin thickening; Melanin to armor. I see your comment: it weighs me down. Back stiffening; Spine to sword. I read your silence: it weighs me down. Blood boiling; Heart to stone. Too brown-heavy, to carry on. There’s a joke in the poetry world that, if you feel the need to explain your poem at length, […]

so hollywood

Sitting outside at a cafe, she says “Oh my gosh, your life could be a movie. SOMEONE should write this movie.” And I think to myself, Please. Take it. Take this story off my hands: I don’t need to hold it, I already survived it. I need to sleep. I need to sleep and not […]

as she said

Tell your story, little bird, whistle through that cage. Let your voice astonish you. Let it be your stage. Lessons that are born of it, will one day come of age. Tell your story, little bird– even when it stings. Let it fly through ceilings. Let it be your wings. Tell your story, little bird. […]