poem: inspiration

fast like where,come back like blink,here like right now,stay like stink. heat like black tar,soft like sog,late like someday,weight like fog. brag like sky lemon,shout like dawn.talk like downbeat, walk

slow days

I spent the weekend reading romance novels, tucked into myself on the bed, then the couch, then sitting upright on the bed, then draped across it, and then a little

a gift

I’ve gotten really good at missing people. I keep the masterpiece of them painted on the inside my eyelids, and they barely ever drip down as tears. I tuck the


How to explainI did not walk out of prisontucked in thankfulness,blessing the cageless sky.How to explainthe moon has never been the samesince you took her from me.How my losses didn’tjustfill


For the first few months in my time in jail, as a joke to keep himself entertained, a deputy would tell any inmates that were curious about me, that I

soft voiced

I have a soft voice. I wouldn’t say it’s soothing, smooth, or even gentle, but it isn’t jagged in the corners like an old cinder block. It’s easy to listen

journal: how i am

A little after week in California’s Safer At Home restrictions, a girlfriend and myself text each other at nearly the exact same time. She tells me that, in her family’s


Say hello to the sun today. Peek outside your window and remind him that he’s still your favorite show. That he still shines through to the inside, warms the carpet,

five acts tendered

2015 A correctional officer is microwaving popcorn, using the appliance a couple desks away. The room smells like buttered joy, pops like a treat. The sergeant barks an order, “Good