In the alleyway the children play,and today play means screaming,means catch me if you can. Time time time, they say,between the shouts,so loudI almost stop doing taxesbecause fair is fair,and someone called time. I remember the game.I remember the rules. I do not remember how it wasto shriek my laughterthrough my neighborhoodlike the boss of space and time. Continue reading saturday


I like big-headed people,literally:those whose headsdon’t fit in default hats.I like a facethat could be turnedinto a statueby Medusa herselfand still be easilyidentifiable.I like a person who canstop what they’re doingand take a two and a half secondtime out. And I like the folkswho notice the dandelionsthat sprout under the roses,the folks who lean inreal closewhen I say I have somethingtinyin my hand. I like … Continue reading glimmers


When everyone whowas never locked upleaves, we talk in keys,coded melodies. We do swift talk,real talk. We don’t talk a thingaboutclosed doors. We talk likepassed kites.Make sky,break windowsif need be.If need be free. And why wouldn’t it? We are the speedand stillnessof ourcircumstances,raised likenumbers meant to bediscounted. When everyone whowas never locked upleaves, we talk in thecomplexityof count. Continue reading after

four fictional fruit

Prompt: Fiction. Ghost Tomato. A Comedian On his last breath,on his last day alone,a tomato appearson his nightstand. He tittersoff the stage. How many people does it take to build a tomato? The hungry man dreams himself fed,imagines a radiant orange-redtomato on the street.It is sheer in direct sight,vanishes in the sunlight.Still a treat. And this is the core of every nostalgia I find him … Continue reading four fictional fruit

paper town lover

Prompt from a temporary therapist: Write about the silliest something that you use to bully yourself. Then write about how you let it go. One day a personwho loves me,loves-me-loves-me, will want to have a photo of ustogether. (Just becauseit’s never happeneddoesn’t meanit can’t. (Just becauseit’s never happeneddoesn’t meanI am a place only real enoughfor a name and naughtelse. (See Paper Towns. (See howthey still … Continue reading paper town lover

Rara Avis

I made up this namebecause I needed more room. I live on the coastand rent is too highto spread my wingsand the ocean airis too full of lost thingsfor a lost thing like meto explore alone.I like the seagullthat comes to my window tosing down the alleyand bounce as her voiceechoes up into the sky. It is a hideous songby most measures,but I tap my … Continue reading Rara Avis

why the moon is a little smaller now than it was 30 years ago

My star-shaped holepuncher could fill anything with the absence of stars,and I sat outsidein the cold air: a pile of leaves, my punched canvases. I would let them take the wind when they needed to leaf. Art belongs to itself alone,and I was waiting up for Venus. When the twinkle in the sky became clearto carry a name with certainty,a bright white brighter than anything … Continue reading why the moon is a little smaller now than it was 30 years ago