Say hello to the sun today. Peek outside your window and remind him that he’s still your favorite show. That he still shines through to the inside, warms the carpet,

five acts tendered

2015 A correctional officer is microwaving popcorn, using the appliance a couple desks away. The room smells like buttered joy, pops like a treat. The sergeant barks an order, “Good

dream sequence

In my dream, I am at the crosswalks that cut through my home. (A place I stood before I knew I would live there one day, but I can tell–

journal: health updates

This week I got some good news.  Some really good, really unexpected news. To rewind a bit, I recently went back for a full set of tests after having really


It’s been a long year, a strange one, but one full of kindness. It’s been a long life, a strange one, but one full of kindness. I’m just gonna rest

2019: erosion

Earlier this year, I peed in a bedpan, one floral hospital curtain away from my boyfriend. He turned the water on the sink for me, in case it helped. Mortified,


I am thankful for your life– the way it leads when it is necessary and follows when it is time, and lifts up when the beacon needs to be brightest.

journal: transition

I haven’t known what to post lately. Every glimpse I would normally share seems inauthentic because everything is so transitional right now… so fluid. If I fill a tablespoon from