dream sequence

In my dream, I am at the crosswalks that cut through my home. (A place I stood before I knew I would live there one day, but I can tell–

journal: health updates

This week I got some good news.  Some really good, really unexpected news. To rewind a bit, I recently went back for a full set of tests after having really


It’s been a long year, a strange one, but one full of kindness. It’s been a long life, a strange one, but one full of kindness. I’m just gonna rest

2019: erosion

Earlier this year, I peed in a bedpan, one floral hospital curtain away from my boyfriend. He turned the water on the sink for me, in case it helped. Mortified,


I am thankful for your life– the way it leads when it is necessary and follows when it is time, and lifts up when the beacon needs to be brightest.

journal: transition

I haven’t known what to post lately. Every glimpse I would normally share seems inauthentic because everything is so transitional right now… so fluid. If I fill a tablespoon from

rainbow vision

When you love the people in your world, a little rainbow burrows in your eyes and it changes the way you see every word, every world. Some days you might

moon mirror

Every so often: the comfort when a silent sun falls on you. You unload in the noiseless daylight. Empty your heart of what angers. Shake your wrists free of what