a little step

This was written November 27th, 2014 from the California Institute for Women, from room 136– the cell without a mirror or light, or doorknob, where I spent my Thanksgiving.  I


My hair is in a mask tonight– a warm butter massaged into my scalp.  It makes the tendrils slippery-soft and coconut-scented, and slick, too slick for pillowcases, so I wrap

are you in?

Every year, a group of bloggers and myself tackle National Blog Posting Month in November. We post one blog post a day for the entire month, and we support each

sips of intent

 Originally Posted at The Seekers Dungeon.  I’m re-posting here in an attempt to get this house in order, and to remind myself about the power of intent. I grew up

everywhere else

I’ve been dream-blogging lately. In my dream the other night, I went to church. I haven’t been since prison, unless you count the many memorials and funeral services that I’ve

on this day

On this day, three years ago, I posted the first blog post I had written since coming home from prison: this is not a test. Yes. Three years ago. I


It’s the final prompt of the Daily Post, and I wouldn’t be anywhere else.  I met so many of you because of their community efforts and nurturing.  It’s very much