Policy of Yes


Yes, you can re-blog, ping, share, reference, or quote anything posted here– without asking. Yes, everything here is mine, sourced correctly, or simply unable to be directly sourced. Yes, you can text or email, and ask me anything. Yes, you can make friends and argue, share ideas, and offer up links that lead the conversation to bigger better things. Yes, you can jump into the Rarasaur-family (blokin) and start your own conversation. Yes, you are trusted here, because you are loved.

But, no:

I don’t review or partner or affiliate or synergize or buzz-word with anyone for money or exposure or things, on any platform.  All products reviewed and all guest dinos are in my heart and are supported here, at my request, with no financial recompense in mind.  Thank you for thinking of me, though, and I wish you the best of luck in your pursuit of success.


If you’d like to credit me anyway, use Rarasaur or Ra Avis and link it back to the page (ideally) or the site as a whole — Rarasaur.com