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still alive (12/31/2016) - In no particular order, here’s a 2016 retrospective: Strangers with whom I Fell In Love: The woman who makes the signboards for Embee Performance along the 55 freeway.  I really hope you have a kind holiday season, too. The guy who keeps putting the “This is a stolen car” sign on all the annoying cars […]
i vulcan’t. (4/12/2016) - I have a thousand post ideas and I just can’t finish writing one. I lost my wrist bands, you see.  It’s been windy lately and the noise rattles the windows and distracts me.  The house dog has to wear a cone right now so he needs some extra love.  A friend came to visit.  A […]
the island of misfit blog ideas (3/5/2016) - While sifting through old blog posts of mine, I realized there were several social blogging constructs– collaborative blogging efforts– that I miss having around– Trifecta Writing Challenge, Bloggers of the Damned, the Daily Post’s Weekly Writing Challenges, and C4C, to name a few.  I thought about why they went defunct or never fully developed… and […]
a sonder file: blogger. vII (1/11/2016) - It’s my favorite Jester Knight King! Matticus is continuing our connection-lined path.  Today, he’s being honest with us, about the hopes and light we carry with us on our travels. Welcome to the Sonder Files. I’ve mentioned before that the largest benefit of being the Jester of The Matticus Kingdom is the freedom to take […]
i’m a dork. (11/25/2015) -   I’m so glad you stick around anyway. Tomorrow I’ll be making a mess around this blog, changing things up yet again– but this time, with a bright new vision board of ideas in mind.  Wish me luck, and tell me all about your tomorrow-y plans.
i call it freedom. (11/1/2015) - I’ve spent my day reading posts from my Tiny Peppers. There’s about 60ish of us, and the journey through their words has pushed me through a plethora of expressions and a myriad of feels. I’ve been terrified, enthralled, heart-warmed, and mystified. I’ve listened to songs, watched photo slideshows, broke the fourth wall with Deadpool, and […]
SKIP: … is my spirit animal. (10/16/2015) - Urban Dictionary: In pagan religions and systems, a spirit animal or totem is meant to be a representation of the traits and skills that you are supposed to learn or have. Online, saying something or someone is your spirit animal is a statement that said person or thing is a representation of you or what […]
sometimes I spin. (9/22/2015) - I started a blog because it was a big empty space.  A space where you didn’t need to bring anything with you, which was perfect– because I had nothing except my words, my husband, and a mentally-woven quilt of my life experiences. I looked at this big open field and started filling it up with […]
❤melt : everything’s gonna be okay (8/31/2015) - Mail is late and we’ve already been locked in for the night. A letter is kicked under the cell door. “Just one today,” the officer ponders, “Maybe they all stopped loving you.” I laugh, a low peal of chuckles– revealing as much about my comfortable relationship with him as my confidence in my world. His […]
black, please. (8/29/2015) - If we were having coffee, you’d tell me to sit down and take it easy. The party isn’t for another 2 hours, you’d say, and you’d be right. Be wise. Be kind. Be true. Drink lotsa coffee in giant cups! #AlmostWisdomWednesday A post shared by My name is Ra. (@rawra.avis) on Aug 12, 2015 at […]
A Walk Through Jazzing Up Photos using Online Editors (2/10/2014) - I was a playground princess for 3 days until Ellie P. learned how to make her own paper crown.  The giant rock to the side of the sandbox was a lonely throne and I was happy to have a royal family until I realized she didn’t intend to share the kingdom at all. She pulled […]
Let’s Do Something Amazing! (1/27/2014) - I’m absolutely honored to be guest hosting the Daily Post’s Weekly Writing Challenge this week! I’m especially pleased that I managed to incorporate bunny slippers, Atticus Finch, and the year 3000. I would love for you to participate, and yes– I do plan to read them all!  With the help of the super-fabulous editors, I […]
Blog Topic Generators and Miley Cyrus (1/17/2014) - I stumbled upon this Blog Topic Generator by HubSpot and it’s pretty fun. You type in 3 topics and it generates a list of ideas for you– I typed gnomes, dinosaurs, and monsters. I have some ideas on how to solve the world’s biggest problems with gnomes, but I’m simply not versed enough in […]
why i nearly didn’t write a post today (11/24/2013) - Today, I scared myself silly. It started simply enough– a trip to a somewhat local mall to walk around in the early morning.  We drove way out of way because the malls closest to where I live are bustling this time of year, and the chaos doesn’t let up till mid January. We decided to […]
Experienced Bloggers and Finding Your Why (5/8/2013) - The Daily Post yesterday was pretty epic. If you didn’t have a chance to read the entries, I highly suggest making some time to do so. Give your newer sisters and brothers-in-WordPress one piece of advice based on your experiences blogging. If you’re a new blogger, what’s one question you’d like to ask other bloggers? […]
Bedazzle your Blog (4/9/2013) - One of the questions I am asked most often is how to add decorative elements to your blog without buying an expensive program or becoming a designer or professional photo editor. There a number of free options out there that are easy to use and will add a little sparkle to your blog without much […]
How to make us worship you, and like it! (12/16/2012) - Sometimes bloggers make it difficult for me to fan-club them like the rock-stars they are.  Here are 8 ways you can make it easy on me– the reader.  For each point, I’ve included an example of a blogger who tackles the common problem with uncommon skill, and a couple quick tips on how to improve […]
What is your Blogger Personality Profile? (12/10/2012) - Ra-Son Blogger Type Indicator (BTI) Profile Test A psychometric analysis of your blogger personality profile. This test is a method of determining your preferred blog construct in respect to motivations, values, interests, and community. My husband and I masterminded this little test because (a) we were bored and (b) we wanted some way to differentiate […]
hindsight & salt water lies (12/3/2012) - Today I learned that salt water taffy does not contain salt water. Thus adding to my list of food misnomers. Champagne grapes Candy corn Salt water taffy Cotton candy Eggplant Butternut squash What did I leave out? Let’s get these lies out in the open! Daily Prompt: Hindsight: Now that you’ve got some blogging experience […]
listen for quiet joys (11/12/2012) - It’s the era of the tech-savvy, internet-wielding warrior. Everyone is love with the newest most complicated piece of machinery and bows to the companies that create them. It holds 7 million songs! It rotates depending on the time of day. Table top?! It fits on your Polly Pocket’s tabletop, that’s how small it is. It […]