Sort by > Off Site, rarasaur, rara, on the road, guest blogging rome (11/15/2016) - Rome wasn’t built in a day, or by a single pair of hands.  I’ve never really understood why we’re so concerned with how Rome was built when most of us don’t even know how our blenders work, but I like a good slice of figurative pie. I’m actually a big fan of almost all pie.  […]
not just for tuesdays. (5/22/2016) - My friend Bradley started a new feature on his blog called “What’s your Muse?” and he interviewed me for it because he’s awesome. Of course, you already what my muse is– it’s just like soylent green. It’s people! People just like you.   The interview isn’t just about inspiration.  Bradley also quizzed me a little […]
a favor, a comment, a word (3/1/2016) - I'm guest posting for change today, and could use your help. Come by and say hey.
knock knock! (1/7/2016) - Remember when I wrote about my newfangled fascination with selfies? The post is over at Thought Catalog today– and even though I know it’s not our normal beat, and even though I know you’ve already read it– I’d love to see a few friendly faces there, and maybe a knock knock joke or two. My […]
taste my intention (11/1/2015) - This is a month of Intention. I’ve added my name to the TinyPeppers blogroll. I’ve added my name to the BlogHer blogroll. I’ve added my name to the YeahWrite #NoMo blogroll. I’m committed to posting every day through the month of November, and what’s more– I have some personal goals, too. I’m going to read […]
here’s your hat, what’s your hurry? (7/29/2015) - I know, I know– I just got back and I’m already sending you away? The thing is, I did a little blogging while I was gone and I wanted you to check it out.  Today, I will dedicate some time to showing off each piece. There’s a bit of a list, so I’ll give you […]
on the road, rarasaur, guest blogging, guest post, guest blog I’ve Been Friday’d! (1/24/2014) - Recently, TwinDaddy over at the legendary StuphBlog let me know that I could expect to be featured in one of his Feature Fridays. The day is now! 🙂 Being the magic that is TwinDaddy, he somehow managed to get me to select 10 posts as my favorite. I’m not sure if I’d even pick the […]
on the road, rarasaur, guest blogging, guest post, guest blog I’ve Been Hooked! (1/24/2014) - Recently, TheHook invited me to take part in his insightful, entertaining 5X5 Blogger Interview series. I don’t want to spoil it or anything– but you can expect bouncing cats, Julie Newmar, the word “verboten”, and a rare glimpse of my face and dinosaur shadow. These interviews are a frightfully wondrous start to a fabulous mosaic […]