Thanks for filing yourself in my address book.  It’s much appreciated.

21 thoughts on “Surprise!

  1. I was lucky enough to get a friendship bracelet & I still wear it every single day! I use my Outlook to keep track of everyone I need to know – got used to it thru work & just kept it going for my personal stuff


  2. Whiiieee! Opting for Rara-goodness gives an additional monster-hug!
    *Listens to the grumbling besides her and starts hugging the cuddly stuffed monsterbears again*


  3. I especially love the caveat *overly excited promises not guaranteed. It made me less scared to be part of your awesome group (I’m easily overwhelmed these days). Also I need to post it in my house. It’s the story of my life but in a good way.


  4. I didn’t even know you could do something like this. You blow my mind woman, you burst with amazingness! I signed up for the pepper thing, but I’m scared!!! xoxo


  5. Hey Rawr! Hope the holidaze are treating you well! While subscribing to your list I’m taking this opportunity to ask ya’ if a copy of Sack Nasty might be coming my way? Still haven’t received it. Be well, love & light sister!



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