ama / i’m bored let’s invent something

I received a handful of questions so I thought I’d answer one of those today. I have temporarily titled this series AMA (Ask me anything) but that’ll switch super fast if I come up with anything adorable. Ideas welcome. More questions welcome. I’ll include a form for questions in case you don’t want to drop them in the comments. xo,Ra P.S. Disclaimer about this one … Continue reading ama / i’m bored let’s invent something

i’m on the brute squad.

One of my favorite stories, in both book and video form, is The Princess Bride.  In the classic tale of high adventure, for those who haven’t read or seen it, Buttercup gets the shattering news that her one true love, Westley, has died. She mourns, but eventually puts on her practical face and sits down to breakfast and the shadows of a normal life again.  … Continue reading i’m on the brute squad.