G4: a new chapter

To achieve the “serial” block on my Bingo board, I’ve decided to turn my pandemic posts into a sort of serial concept. Prologue: Early Winter (Featured on WordPress Discover if you missed that excitement!) Chapter 1: I Make the Bed Chapter 2: Shower Oranges All stand alone, and I imagine this installment will too– but who knows? I haven’t written it yet. _____________________________________________ a new … Continue reading G4: a new chapter

honoring the glitch

Sometimes the twinkly lights draped across the building out my window thrum like a heart in fear. It only lasts a few seconds. Then they are solid again for quite some time. If you didn’t live here, you probably wouldn’t notice. Certainly nobody would describe the street, or even the restaurant wearing them, with that detail. It defines nothing, but it happens. Talking about it … Continue reading honoring the glitch

a gift

I’ve gotten really good at missing people. I keep the masterpiece of them painted on the inside my eyelids, and they barely ever drip down as tears. I tuck the manuscript of them just under my skin, and they barely ever break through as goosebumps. I isolate myself with the reasons I love them, and they keep me warm. I light myself with the reasons … Continue reading a gift


How to explainI did not walk out of prisontucked in thankfulness,blessing the cageless sky.How to explainthe moon has never been the samesince you took her from me.How my losses didn’tjustfill up with gratitudelike a wave chasing a wave.I went searching for it.Picked shells from the sand where I found them.Named them all Peace.If the name didn’t take,I set them back. How to explain my fingersare … Continue reading how

grief: uncle rudy

When Rudy was home, there was music. Foot-stomping, hand-clapping, lounge-crooning, folk-lilting, country-dancing, all-type music. I don’t remember much more. I was so little, and he moved so fast. When Rudy was home, the grown ups moved fast too. They laughed and shook their heads at the same time. They nodded, sagely, warming. They were head-bopping, toe-tipping, finger-snapping, applauding. They sat really close together, closer than … Continue reading grief: uncle rudy