grief: uncle rudy

When Rudy was home, there was music. Foot-stomping, hand-clapping, lounge-crooning, folk-lilting, country-dancing, all-type music. I don’t remember much more. I was so little, and he moved so fast. When Rudy was home, the grown ups moved fast too. They laughed and shook their heads at the same time. They nodded, sagely, warming. They were head-bopping, toe-tipping, finger-snapping, applauding. They sat really close together, closer than … Continue reading grief: uncle rudy

on the backs of selfies

A fiction based entirely on lots and lots of non-fiction experiences, moments, and conversations. It is the story I think about when I see someone take a selfie in a space where it doesn’t seem like the most appropriate of actions. We all engage with the world and ourselves differently. We’re all on a journey to figure it all out, or at least, to learn … Continue reading on the backs of selfies

river-made woman

I swallowed so many tears, my bones eroded and turned me into riverbed.  Woman-made river, catching the sadness like it was meant to hold it. I swallowed so many tears, I built an ecosystem in my limbs.  A saltwater stream, full of smooth river rocks and tiny legged things with flow of their own. My eyes became dammed, stopping the waters, holding them back.  My eyes … Continue reading river-made woman