journal: how i am

A little after week in California’s Safer At Home restrictions, a girlfriend and myself text each other at nearly the exact same time. She tells me that, in her family’s language, they say “the heart is on the heart” but that it doesn’t quite exactly translate to English. I tell her that my family says “you’re going to live a hundred years”, which is spoken … Continue reading journal: how i am

hummus is the only perk

Or, “An Overly-Accurate Dating Profile” I make my own hummus. I have about five go-to variations. It’s not that I love hummus. In truth, I’d prefer salsa and chips, or veggies and ranch, or crisp celery dolloped with peanut butter. I just like making hummus. It’s a hobby. I also write a blog. It’s like a Captain’s Log from a really bad space saga, where … Continue reading hummus is the only perk

roots and wings

I left prison today, last year. I washed before leaving, taking the longest and hottest shower I had taken in what felt like years.  The girls gave me space, so I could get as clean and ready as possible.  I left all my bath supplies behind, the bodywash and shampoo, the deodorants.  Somebody would use it. I left everything behind. All I had was two … Continue reading roots and wings