Today’s been a lot like a pregnant and laboring octopus– an eight-legged creature full of thousands of different lives that kept bursting into existence all at once. It contained multitudes, and time and direction seemed even less real than normal, and so here we are. It’s 11pm ish and I haven’t written anything or even tried. The majority of votes on my blog poll last … Continue reading mush

being excellent to each other

When I can’t quite build a thought out into something solid enough for this blog, I will often post it to Instagram with the tag #LilliputianLog. The last weeks have seen a few of those posts so I thought I’d share two here for those who aren’t on the other platform. [For those who are on Instagram, and follow me at @rawra.avis : I now … Continue reading being excellent to each other

hummus is the only perk

Or, “An Overly-Accurate Dating Profile” I make my own hummus. I have about five go-to variations. It’s not that I love hummus. In truth, I’d prefer salsa and chips, or veggies and ranch, or crisp celery dolloped with peanut butter. I just like making hummus. It’s a hobby. I also write a blog. It’s like a Captain’s Log from a really bad space saga, where … Continue reading hummus is the only perk

you are loved, in the active voice.

I don’t remember learning how to love, originally.  I only remember the origins of little love-habits. I remember holding onto my stuffed elephant, tucked safely in my right arm always– a light grey beast with pink-tinted ears. He must’ve been a foot tall, if he could have stood on his own, but he couldn’t. He needed me. His fur was worn down, paper thin, from … Continue reading you are loved, in the active voice.