The thing that bothers me most is the numbness. The empty. The days I wake up blank. The days I remember everything but feel nothing about it. My skin doesn’t react. My voice doesn’t emote. I just blink and smile, and breathe, and somewhere under all of that, the real me is screaming. But she is gagged, and locked in a room inside my mind, … Continue reading cabezudo

are you in?

Every year, a group of bloggers and myself tackle National Blog Posting Month in November. We post one blog post a day for the entire month, and we support each other through it all. We call it NanoPoblano! If you’d like to be included in this year’s shenanigans, let me know. You can learn more about it here:   Continue reading are you in?

the funeral

I had locked myself in with my thoughts. The cell doors around me popped open and the cacophony of shotgun-like bangs lit the hallway with sound.  The noise meant my fellow firehouse girls were home from work. I heard them stomping down the hall, our boots a trademark of the FireCamp program. They were wearing the fire-resistant monstrosities inside the unit because Mr. Ham was … Continue reading the funeral