Today’s been a lot like a pregnant and laboring octopus– an eight-legged creature full of thousands of different lives that kept bursting into existence all at once. It contained multitudes, and time and direction seemed even less real than normal, and so here we are. It’s 11pm ish and I haven’t written anything or even tried. The majority of votes on my blog poll last … Continue reading mush

4 miles from the end of this post

Sometime yesterday I wrote to myself that today’s post would be: Like a pomegranate. After the peeling, but before the seed gets stuck between your teeth. Stay in the pop. Like most notes I leave myself, this is (quite obviously) not helpful. Try grocery shopping for a mouth couch or a freezer hug. Yesterday I had to suffocate the bathroom (deep clean) and make more … Continue reading 4 miles from the end of this post

podcast: prisons and bigger things

Hi best beloveds, This is just a quick note to let you know you can listen to me chat with The Nasiona’s Julián Esteban Torres López about prison, and how social problems spiral into the system where they multiply and spiral out.  There’s a few rambles about Big Data, abolition, and the legal slavery of prison labor. (Search for “The Nasiona” on Google, Apple, or … Continue reading podcast: prisons and bigger things