Natalie came by today with fig butter and fresh figs. Abbie mailed me a beautiful wooden board for cards and photos. I walked down the stairs to retrieve both these things and I did it without a cane. My bedroom is the first room I’ve had all to myself since prison, and before then– well, I don’t remember. I met Dave when I was 19 … Continue reading splash

a cookie’d joy

In this last month, I’ve fluttered so close to non-existence that I almost splattered into a rubbish pile of atoms. My therapist recommended against this. Through my days of silence and thought, she has gentle-pushed me into all manner of small companionships. My therapist says to respond to Owen’s instagram message. My therapist says to follow Di’s Instagram feed. To read Dinah’s blog. To call … Continue reading a cookie’d joy

i can call them flowers, if i want to

It’s been a month since I dropped off the face of the internet, no, the Earth– and I’ve been thinking about that expression more consistently than almost anything else. A face is the part of the body that is presented to view or has a particular function, like the face of a giant watchtower clock, like the face of big-eyed Disney skunk. Is the internet … Continue reading i can call them flowers, if i want to