jingle, art, poetry

The Oddcast is back (in some sort) Ages ago, Bradley helped me put together a podcast, that I called an audio cast, that I shortened to Oddcast. Because of living situations and limited tools, it didn’t go on very long. WordPress’ recent collaboration with Anchor.fm made me decide to restart in. Instead of new content, though, it’ll be random selections previously posted to Rarasaur blog. … Continue reading jingle, art, poetry

podcast: prisons and bigger things

Hi best beloveds, This is just a quick note to let you know you can listen to me chat with The Nasiona’s Julián Esteban Torres López about prison, and how social problems spiral into the system where they multiply and spiral out.  There’s a few rambles about Big Data, abolition, and the legal slavery of prison labor. (Search for “The Nasiona” on Google, Apple, or … Continue reading podcast: prisons and bigger things