one : things that shine

Lucky pennies. Lucky people.

Adamantiam. Vibranium. Kryptonite. A comic book peeking out from a stack of ordinary things.

The city when it rains, twinkling from all angles.

The shotgun at my back in a prison bus, gleaming barrel overpowering even the small parts of the badges that had managed to keep a shine.

My brothers, when they think they’re being funny.  My sisters, when they know they’re doing something no one else can.

Her sightless eyes. The needles that help her breathe again.  The needles that help him eat again.  The uniform that will keep him safe.  The bass guitar pick that gives him a reason to live. The bangles that slap together when she dances.  The box of precious treasures she clutches in two small hands. Her outraged pink cheeks when she can’t play with her brother. His curls when he almost silently runs through a room.  Nieces. Nephews.

The diamond on my mother’s hand, when my dad was still alive.

The ice cubes in his Jameson.

The spice tiffin in my pantry.

Sunshine, tiptoeing through window blinds,
only to find my eyes already open,
always full of light and mourning
fighting so hard to stay woke.





I’ve been trying a lot of different styles and topics of poetry and have amassed a collection of reject poems that I will share over the next few days.    This is a list poem, written to the prompt “things that shine”.