Thank You! I love you.

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“Rara is the hardest working dinosaur in the blogging business.  Frightfully wonderful.”
– Tony Roberts, A Way With Words

“Rara is the most beautiful personsaurus, inside and out, that I’ve ever had the fortune of coming across!”
– CK Hope, Who Ate The Daisies

“Rarasaur reminds me to keep my actions true to my beliefs in all that I write. And for that, I adore her and all things Rawr!”
– MommyVerbs

“I fight the urge daily to plagiarize everything Rara says. It’s a good problem to have.”
– Emily Austin, The Waiting Blog

“Rara is a beacon of light in a dark world. She is hopeful, radiant, and a master of smileys! :)”
– Arden, Musings of a Dancing Wino

“Rara gives dinosaurs a good name! She sheds joy like a fountain!”
– HuntMode, Chasing Rabbit Holes

“Rara is one of the kindest people I’ve ever have the pleasure of knowing. She has a huge heart and can see the good in every situation. She’s a gifted writer and I wish I had a quarter of her talent.”
– TwinDaddy, StuphBlog

“Rara is in my daily reading list. She is an epitome of optimism , a gifted writer and has the most beautiful heart. She inspires me to think out of the box, to follow my heart and to pour it into my writing.”
– Archita, A Journey Called Life

“Rara rocks, like The Ramones, or The Who! She’s a rockstar blogger, just don’t associate that horrible Nickelback song with her…”
– Punky, NotAPunkRocker

Want to contribute a testimonial for this blog? I might use it for my sidebar with a link back to you. Even if I don’t, I’ll most definitely read it and love you.