Thank You! I love you.

[+ back to the shelf of jars]

If you’ve been around this blog at all, you know my thoughts on blog awards, but I’ll summarize for the newbies: (1) These are so cool! (2) Just because these awards aren’t certified by the Goblin King Queen of the Internet, doesn’t make them any less real. (3) These awards are tokens of appreciation from someone who listens to me, likes me, and is part of my community– which, in my own humble opinion, is pretty awesome. (4) Despite the amazingness of these awards, I change rules all the time. I figure, just like a normal token of appreciation– it’s more about that you show your gratitude and less about how. This page will no doubt be another example of my major breaking of rules.  In the spirit of mushy award goodness, I just want to say… Thank you for being apart of my little community. I love you, Internet Friend.

22 thoughts on “Thank You! I love you.

  1. What a grand idea, Rara! Whenever, I’m broke at Christmas time, I always write letters of appreciation on special stationery to each one of my loved friends. I found out later they keep them for just the same reason – to pull out when times or days are hard. When I was able to afford gifts, they said, “Oh this is very nice. Where’s my letter?”


    1. It should be in your widget section– it pops up after you’ve been FP’d. I downloaded the image and then turned it into an animated gif with other awards that were meaningful to me. I hope that helps! 🙂



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