This Very Moment.

Welcome to the most ephemeral, transient page of this blog.

This content will completely change on the eighth of every month. I’ll add content as the month goes along, too– mishmashes of inspiration, humor, thought, and progress. Hopefully, it’ll give you a glimpse into what I’m working on, and thinking about, and living, at the moment.

These days, I take things minute by minute.


It’s November 8th, 2015!

  • Nano Poblano and International Label Day.  They’re here, they’re happening. Are you?
  • I’m still loving the I Am Loved badge. I’ll still make it in whatever colors you want.
  • My parole meeting went wonderfully.  My PO is a nice guy.  I am lucky.
  • Work is going really well.  My boss is magical. I am lucky.
  • I’m going to make a video for the Start Here page.  A nice one.  Wish me luck?
  • An Ask Me Anything is happening– so, ask.


Where are you at?